I-Classic 10 poultry nipple



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Drinking nipples ensure your chickens can easily drink sufficient, clean, and fresh drinking water. Without spilling the water, so you won’t have to deal with wet litter, for example.

I-Classic poultry drinking nipples made of high quality stainless steel with stainless steel seal. (Water flow rate measured at 20°C and 20 cm water column)

The I-Classic drinking nipple is a poultry drinking nipple with a 180 degrees movable pin. A chicken drinks from this type of drinking nipple by pushing the pin of the nipple upwards with its beak. The nipple is available as a plug-in and screw-in nipple in varying water outputs (50 to 80 ml/min, at a water level of 20 cm). The I-Classic is often used in layer or breeder houses.